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Welcome to Jyoti Misri Singh College

JMS college is the premier institution for providing higher education in the district of Munger, Bihar. All the curricular framework of this college is in consonance with the curricular of Munger University, Munger. The College imparts teaching in almost all the popular subjects in the faculty of Arts and Commerce numbering 8. Some more interdisciplinary courses have been planned to be introduced in coming years like women studies, online courses and so on. On the another side, the college provides NSS service and extension services, which is integral part of the college life and it also focuses on extra curricular activities like games, sports and cultural functions.

The college runs from 09:30 am to 02:30pm daily. There is no prescribed dress code for boys and girls, but regular and 75% attendance is compulsory which is strictly maintained.

The recruitment of teacher is done through university service commission and public service commission at the state level. Teachers of the college are well-qualified, dedicated, disciplined, punctual and expert of different subjects. They are oriented towards teaching and research. The Student Teacher relationship is more cooperative. The students are enrolled on the basis of Marks. Approximately 2000 students are studying in the college.

The college is a constituent unit which is maintained and managed by the university. Both the teaching and non teaching staff of the college are governed by the service conditions of the affiliating university, i.e. Munger University, Munger. Teachers and official staffs are paid salaries by the university with the grant released by the state govt. So far the developments works of the college are concerned, they are mostly done from its internal resources, with the permission of University. The college has also been regularly receiving UGC Plan Funds for meeting its developmental needs and purchase of large numbers of books & journals, equipments, conduct of remedial teachings and construction of library, Class-Rooms & Women's Hostel has taken place out of the UGC Funds.

Vision of the College

  • To promote students to think and do differently.
  • To educate the students more and more with morality, nobility and magnanimity of soul removing any barrier and sense of discriminination.
  • To motivate the students to achieve the best while discouraging note-learningand encouraging life-oriented learning.
  • To foster a sense of dutiful citizenship with rich moral content and astute social commitment.

Mission of the College

  • Imparting quality education to the students and helping them flourish holistically.
  • Developing and promoting e-learning through e-library, in keeping with contemprorary methods of learning.
  • Shifting from conventional methods of teaching to more-dynamic and learning- friendly methods.
  • Seeking collaboration with institutes of higher learning of repute to enhance and modify the quality of the institute.
  • Promoting extension activities in neighbouring areas with a view to sensitising people towards burning social issues, charioted by unbased 'rationate'.
  • Inculcating in the students a sense of foresight into the fast-changing future and nourishing in them the spirit that education is not an end in itself but a means to an end.
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